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Mouth Watering Cheesy Treats

Mouth Watering Cheesy Treats

I am well aware that everyone now and then is crazy about cheese. You may be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian cheese seems to gel with every other food item and just makes it sizzlingly tasty with a fine texture. However, in today food market cheese based food items have gained popularity as you can see normally in the menu list food items such as mac& cheese, pizzas, cheese sandwich etc. With so many variations it becomes hard to choose, isn't it? Let's begin our next tour to cheese land, I am kidding! I mean types of cheese. 

Types of cheese

Will you believe there are more than 750 types of cheese! I mean such a delicious ingredient in so many variations. I don't think any person would have the fate to try it all still imagine if you get too taste them. However, it is a misconception that it is something new that suddenly popped cheese has its own history. Although, there is no concrete evidence that how was it created or stumbled upon by mistake? 

Let's browse some of the most prominent varieties of cheese:

1. Roquefort Cheese:

This type of cheese was founded in France and was made out of sheep milk. It is also ordinarily known as blue pockets. It can be eaten with nuts and honey and you can also eat it without any addition to taste it at its best.

2. Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese:

Mostly this type of cheese is called Parmesan cheese. When physically observed it seems to be thick and granular. It can be used by grating over pasta, and risottos. You can also use it to garnish any dish as it works as a catalyst to enhance the taste of the dishes.

3. Feta Cheese:

It has a different taste altogether you can say it is a brined cheese produced by absorbing fresh curds in salt water. It has a texture that varies from crumbly to smoothy. It can be used as a dressing in salads, sandwiches even clubbed with fresh fruits also.

4. Mozzarella:

Its one of the most opted cheese for its great texture and flavor, furthermore, this is the one most commonly used in our food items. This is mostly used on freshly baked pizza as a delicious topping, I mean it is the essence of pizza. This dish is so much loved by people that it also comes with cheese in the crust. 

5. Cheddar Cheese:

Cheddar is also one of the commonly used cheese and it is free of moisture. It is majorly used in grilled sandwiches and casseroles. Even sprinkled on top of pizzas which adds to the taste and flavor. 

You can easily order your favorite cheesy dishes from You can indulge in all yummy goodness in the comfort of your home and enjoy a great evening or watching a movie with friends and family. 

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